Will the midterm election be fair? Maybe the corruption in Palm Beach County elections should be reviewed. Here is what happen before!

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — For more than two weeks, Palm Beach County voters have watched with dismay as a local election has devolved into a small-scale sequel of the presidential recount eight years ago, with disappearing ballots, lawsuits and confusion over who won and lost.

A nonpartisan race on Aug. 26 for a county court judgeship remains unresolved. One candidate held a small lead when ballots were tabulated on election night; then, officials declared his opponent the victor when he appeared to seize the lead by 60 votes after a Labor Day weekend recount.

The big discrepancy: Roughly 3,500 ballots that disappeared between Election Day and the recount, and an additional 176 that, officials said on Friday, do not appear to have been counted at all.

“We felt cursed or jinxed,” said Mary McCarty, a Palm Beach County commissioner for 18 years who served on this latest election’s canvassing board, reviewing and counting ballots. “At least in 2000 we had all our ballots.”

Local voting groups and the leaders of the county’s political parties have pleaded for state help in November, when elections officials expect five to six times the roughly 100,000 votes cast last month……”

Sadly, this corruption was never corrected.  The corrupt Florida Bar is probably worse than the Russians….They ended screwing over 100, 000 Citizens out of their right to vote and Florida’s corrupt Governor Crist then appointed one a lawyer to be judge.  I believe he appointed lazy Judge August Bonivita who came to the court house sometime a hour late.   I guess the lawyer like when the judge is late so they get more billing hours or more money…  What greedy slime Florida lawyer are! The Spanish brought pigs the English brought lawyers…or a Hillary stated “What the hell difference does it make?”

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