Why trust a doctor? Or are doctors like God?

Sometimes, we can picture what will happen….The following sad story comes from Wikipedia, LA times. etc

DO bad doctors kill? Consider..Reimer was born in Winnipeg, in 1965, the eldest of identical twin boys. He was originally named Bruce and his identical twin was named Brian. Parents were Janet and Ron Reimer, a couple of Mennonite descent. At  six months,  concern how  both of them peed… urinated, the boys were diagnosed with phimosis.   They were referred for circumcision at the age of seven months. On 27 April 1966 a urologist performed the operation using the unconventional method of electrocauterization, but the procedure did not go as doctors had planned, and Bruce’s penis was burned beyond surgical repair The doctors chose not to operate on Brian, whose phimosis soon cleared without surgical intervention…..

Dr.Money and physicians working with young children born with intersex conditions believed that a penis could not be replaced but that a functional vagina could be constructed surgically. Dr. Money told the parents it was what would be best for the boy. Money also claimed that Reimer would be more likely to achieve successful, functional sexual maturation as a girl than as a boy.  For Money, a case where identical twin boys were involved where one could be raised as a girl provided a perfect test of his theories. From LA  TIMES  David Reimer, the Canadian man raised as a girl for most of the first 14 years of his life died at 38. He committed suicide May 4 2004 in Canada…Why do some doctors like to “experiment on our kids?”


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