Who got rid of bodies during 2017…Porto Rico 1928 Florida hurricane?

Before we had “dildo media,” people had to count….But sometimes that hard with wild pigs, gator, etc….but especially the smell after a few days….Even though Florida was Dry in 1928…It seems they had to “pay” workers and or inmates with strong drinks… to find and bury or burn the bodies etc…. Yes, it was terrible and the smell…with the heat and decay… consider from Wikipedia

“The 1928 Okeechobee hurricane caused at least 2,500 deaths, most of which were migrant, black farmer workers around Lake Okeechobee. Due to racial segregation at the time, the coffins provided were used for the white victims, most of whom received a proper burial at Woodlawn Cemetery in West Palm Beach. (Other reports specify that after 3 days or so the bodies smelled so bad and were in decay, eaten by animals, etc that it was impossible to determine what  sex  or race the bodies and parts were..) The bodies of the black people who were killed, and some of those whose race could not be identified, were disposed of by other means. Some were burned in funeral pyres, while many were placed into mass graves,[4] including about 1,600 in Port Mayaca, 674 at the pauper’s cemetery in West Palm Beach, at least 22 in Miami Locks (now known as Lake Harbor), 28 in Ortona, and 22 in Sebring.”

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