What more important to Flood victims?

How painful was it for you to watch that Senate hearing? While watching Dr. Ford I could see the blank look in her face when she spoke and the child like innocence I saw in my ex-wife. Like Dr. Ford my College grad-ex wife had the same believably and child like appearance and probable similar paranoia.  Sure, my ex-wife could be a  smart, caring, beautiful person, but when she started saying she would cut of my penis for not have sex with her, that was the end. But why did the evil state of Florida “tell her to have a baby while on her medicine?”  Now after being divorced for years I realize how the evil, lying corrupt Florida and senators used Dr. Ford.  Aren’t they the most evil feces slime scum lawyers around?  Why didn’t anybody call the husband of Dr. Ford and ask him how difficult it is to deal with his wife’s  Paranoid schizophrenia?  Or how about her sons…YET,  did those  baby killing lawyer slime even care about Dr. Ford’s kids?  Wouldn’t it be nice to let those evil, lying senators meet and greet the boys at Gitmo to explain their baby killing skills? Maybe the Gitmo boys need some fun ?  Maybe a weeks vacation for the Senators at Pelican Bay State Prison. It is the only supermax state prison in California. The 275 acre prison is located in Del Norte County, California…Maybe former FBI Comey can help them in FOR THEIR SCHOOLING!?


Paranoid schizophrenia

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