Sorry about people yelling at each other…. I can’t tell why?

Why do women seem to ask more questions than men…Or consider the following:

From the CDC  ” Although the exact incidence and prevalence of PAP are unknown, it is likely that the published literature underestimates the lung disease’s prevalence. PAP has been reported in different parts of the world including Europe, Japan, Australia and Latin America. It affects men far more frequently than women. Although most cases of PAP occur as an unknown or “idiopathic” entity, it has been rarely reported with certain occupational exposures (i.e. silica, spray painting) or other medical conditions. A variety of PAP can be seen in the lung of infants, but the adult variety is discussed here……”

Women used to care like a dog- bitch, duck or even a cat but now do the homo sapien ladies and or Animals even care about men?  Should a Ms. Bee want to sting all with “c” venom?  Or are we evolving into Neanderthals (the ‘th’ pronounced as ‘t’) are our closest extinct human relative is on a comeback?

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