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IN THE 15th JUDICIAL  Court   2008TR218237AXX, ETC.

STATE OF FLORIDA          Plaintiff(s)    vs.

Daniel Mulligan,  Accused filed 11/16/2018

Affidavit  for Assistance of Counsel to cross  and counter claim Sen. Nelson, Governor Scott’s cases with Supervisor of Elections to comply with 24th Amendment

24th Amendment:”The right of citizens of the United States to vote in any primary or other election for President or Vice President, for electors for President or Vice President, or for Senator or Representative in Congress, shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any State by reason of failure to pay poll tax or other tax.” However in past 30 or so years Florida’s agents/officers  evolved  Ponzi  taxes scams.   Surely, Citizens have been enslaved and or over taxed by greedy Ponzi slime like Bennie Madoff. Lou Pearlman, Scott W. Rothstein, Nevin Shapiro, Lee Farkas, etc.,  and their agents, lawyers and or insurance maggots.   But should any whistle blower as Citizen Daniel Mulligan be overtaxed and enslaved so that his health, happiness, vote, and life is in jeopardy?

Why on November 2, 2018 were People  wrongly held?  Why was a bus driver, a black lady, Ms. Jerry and  her passengers “restrained” an hour?  Should a non working turn signal turn light at 10 Ave North/ Military trail hold People hostage during voting time? Why from 12:46 until 1:43 EST did the sheriff refuse help?The  bus driver Ms. Jerry tried to calm down the People on Palm Tran bus #1016, I waited and called 911 three times starting at 12:58 ,1:08 and 1:18.   The Bus’s GPS also showed the bus didn’t move; so why did the sheriff department refused to HELP?   I saw many sheriff cars go by during our “hour kidnapping ordeal”.  Finally at about 1:43 a sheriff car with lights  pulled in front of the bus spoke on the loud speakers to allow bus make a left turn. Finally in 30 seconds time we were free!  But why tax or kidnap the Victims and  Dan for 1 hour?  Did this tax/ time loss punishment equal election fraud?  Why has Mulligan been repeatedly  deprived rights of  a United States Citizen by being over taxed, kidnapped and or jailed for 30 years?

On 11/14/2016 I called Secretary of State at 850-245-6500, and requested case# for Governor Scott’s Case against Supervisor of Elections, etc. in PBC,FL   I was told to call PBC Court.  On 11/15/2018 I called 561-355-2996 spoke to Pauline and Ms Liana  who gave  4 Case #’s  18CA 14075, 18CA14084, 18CA14143, 18CA14144 .

This AFFIDAVIT   and NOTICE is true and correct to the best of Daniel W. Mulligan’s ability; is copy written all rights reserved.  Since  Mulligan’s driver’s license has continued be denied he been denied to vote except by provisional ballots which are seldom even counted.  D. Mulligan’s homestead 331 S. Federal Highway Lake Worth Florida  or General Delivery Greenacres, FL  Jog Road Post Office Branch 33467.  Phone for now 561-838-3559  

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