poll business on….? 2000 Years ago or have things changed that much?

The medical profession is considered a noble profession because it helps in preserving life. If we believe life is God given; a patient generally approaches a doctor/hospital based on his/its reputation for ultimately helping the life of the Person…..Most doctors try to murder as many bad germs as you let them.  Sometimes killing all the bad germs makes the good cells week…and so

Expectations of a patient are two-fold: doctors and hospitals are expected to provide medical treatment with all the knowledge and skill at their command and secondly they will not do anything to harm the patient in any manner either because of their negligence, carelessness, or reckless attitude of their staff. Though a doctor may not be in a position to save his patient’s life at all times, he is expected to use his special knowledge and skill in the most appropriate manner keeping in mind the interest of the patient who has entrusted his life to him ….But what happen when the doctors bring in or push out YOUR political and or religious Idea?  In other words, why did the Greatest Teacher some 2000 years ago get killed by the Jewish lawyers and religious leaders? Did they believe by unfair healing he screwed them out of money?

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