Please Help cut down spam! Would sending a list to facebook and FBI help?

Sadly, it appears that for some reason this site has been popular for comments that make little of no sense.   Sadly, I have had to reject all comments of spam to clear out my comments.  I will now have to add a chapta to eliminate bots or spam…. Going through a 2000 pages of crap is sad…  This is what a typical one looks like.  But they are about 10 pages long with this nonsense.

Most have stupid medical non sense.  I rewrote it but this crap goes on for pages  for example :  rectile dysfunction hypnosis…..However, these FAT exigencies gradients appropriate for disrupted if a systematize has failed to make grow,….. a fetal system has failed CRAP to thorough, or a narrowing, stenosis, or transposition of a vessel has occurred……,,,,,, If this is not the example, at inquest may be FAT warranted (Abell & Ey, The using software is bad FAT version. Initial, 5 MGG  Beclomethasone erectile dysfunction FAT doctor delhi.

PLEASE NOTE I deleted some and put FAT AND CRAP changing it to word from HTML. Also removed  possible worms, and added ,,,, etc.

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