Not who but Why?Boom! but No Bomb boom?

During the last two days some people have been glued to the news….and why not?  Oh, we have a crazy group of drug dealers and poor people and terrorist making a silly journey to become slaves in the USA…but why…then some Mail with not enough postage, just dropped off to some of the most important and rich people in the USA…But why not pay the postage? I guess they were to poor to pay for the postage and couldn’t spell either…Got to be dumb Trumpies?  Hell I can’t spell either…

It’s sure easier to slip in the back door when the guards are drinking coffee out front….But spending time to make and send bombs and cheat on postage?  Really?  Does a greedy George Sorebut think all dumb as Republicans are so stupid they can’t spell?  But why warn everyone that your out sending bombs to people where the security is the tightest?  Really George, don’t you know former Pres have protection?  Come on George, Hitler got away with that crap, but I guess you figure you are so smart….your buddies could try it again?  Maybe George you just don’t care, since you may be dying of Cancer….But, George why would anyone want to kill you George?  You lived and got free, smart and as greedy as Stalin or Jim Jones, But George you got Billions  So….Why George?  Can’t the communist in our CIA HELP?  Sorry I forgot Comrade Brenner and  Comrade  Comey lied for you but I guess that asshole Trump fired them?  What’s you next plan?  Maybe its time to move on or play a Peter, Paul  and Mary song?  But I thought the rest us should consider how it was done on 27 February 1933, one month after Adolf Hitler came to power?  Didn’t Bill, Janet Reno, and her lover Hillary do something about a month after coming to power?  It was Nevada or Vegas…NO…no a small town in Texas?  Waco? or Wacko? Or as comrade Hillary says after all that time what the hell difference does it make that 80 people died or was that for the 4 that died on 9/11/2012?  Oh, no I forgot again…But me I’d rather take my chances with Jodi Arias for she just wanted to get married and have sex.

FROM Wikipedia  …..

In February 1933, three men were arrested who were to play pivotal roles during the Leipzig Trial, known also as the “Reichstag Fire Trial”: Bulgarians Georgi Dimitrov, Vasil Tanev and Blagoy Popov. The Bulgarians were known to the Prussian police as senior Comintern operatives, but the police had no idea how senior they were: Dimitrov was head of all Comintern operations in Western Europe. The responsibility for the Reichstag fire remains an ongoing topic of debate and research.[3][4] Historians disagree as to whether van der Lubbe acted alone, as he said, to protest the condition of the German working class. The Nazis accused the Comintern of the act. Some historians endorse the theory, initially proposed by the Communist Party, that the arson was planned and ordered by the Nazis as a false flag operation.[5][6][7] The building remained in its fire-damaged state until it was partially repaired from 1961 to 1964, then completely restored from 1995 to 1999

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