In Florida is corruption so bad God needs a Lawyer? Does Daniel at Community of Hope Church need an attorney JUST to get his FREEDOM?

IN THE 15th JUDICIAL  Court #2008CF005161AXX ,  2008TR218237AXX, ETC.

STATE OF FLORIDA          Plaintiff(s)    vs.      

Daniel Mulligan,  Accused

Affidavit for Assistance of Counsel: Discovery of Nature and Cause of Accusations.

On 1/17/2018 I was denied assistance of counsel by the 15th Judicial Court, Exhibit 1 enclosed.    On or about May 18, 2018 I sent a notice to various parties.  After sending the accused Constitutional question  to the Supreme Court of the United States, I realized that the Supreme Court (and my doctors), may wish to have Certified Copies of the Para Medics Ambulance, Sheriff reports and  the Wellington Hospital reports for April1, 2018. This Affidavit shows my attempts to get my Civil Rights. During the last few weeks in June 2018 the accused and various people have met  Wednesday nights  at the community hope church and discussed THE CASE FOR CHRIST written by a “legal journalist” Lee Strobel.  Still I’m puzzled? If Community Hope Church believes even God needs a lawyer , should “female agents” attempt to deprive the accused of assistance?

  1. While most People today seem impressed by lawyers “great work,” was the Greatest Teacher that fond on lawyers? In Luke 11:46 “And He said, Woe unto you also, ye lawyers! for ye lade men with burdens grievous to be borne, and ye yourselves touch not the burdens with one of your fingers.”  In 1939 FRED RODELL a Professor of law at Yale, wrote a book WOE UNTO YOU, LAWYERS! He states “ A lusty, gusty attack on “The Law” as a curious, antiquated institution which, through outworn procedures, technical jargon and queer mummery, enables a group of medicine-men to dominate our social and political lives and our business, to their own gain.”    What has changed for “medicine-men” in 70 — 2000 years regarding God and the law?

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