Does God need a lawyer? Or can we trust a computer?

Sadly, due to text messages and people want to be important; we are becoming slaves of the machine…..What has happen to truth?  Sorry I can’t answer comments but I am looking for help… what happened 10 years ago….Now have the bugs and worms have devoured computers and our lives?

CODING HORROR   programming and human factors

04 Mar 2008  CAPTCHA is Dead, Long Live CAPTCHA!In November 2007 I called these three CAPTCHA implementations “unbreakable”:Google (unbreakable)   captcha-decoder-7.png

Hotmail  (unbreakable)   captcha-decoder-8.png

Yahoo  (unbreakable)   captcha-decoder-9.png

2008 is shaping up to be a very bad year indeed for CAPTCHAs:

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