Does forgetful ladies as Hillary or Ms Ford like to kill or just hate Trump? Or did Fulvia’s hate cause evil?

Sometimes the past repeats….Consider the evil of Rome…from Wikipedia

In despair over the state of affairs, Cicero set out for Greece on July 14, four months after Caesar’s assassination, but, criticized by his friend Atticus, abandoned his journey and returned to Rome on August 31. A meeting of the Senate was called by Antony for the next day to propose a new honor to the slain dictator. Pleading exhaustion, Cicero did not attend and was assailed for his absence. When Cicero did appear the day after (in Antony’s absence), he delivered the first of what would be fourteenĀ Philippics. Named after the speeches given by Demosthenes against Philip II of Macedonia, they argued against tyranny and for the restoration of the Republic.

That did not happen. Cicero was killed in 43 BC as part of the proscription. Brutus and Cassius were defeated the next year at Philippi and committed suicide, as did Antony and Cleopatra after their defeat at Actium. Rome would be ruled by an emperor.

Fulvia, Antony’s wife, who had been married to Clodius, Cicero’s implacable enemy, vented her hatred on the dead orator as well. Cassius Dio (XLVII.8.4) writes that, before the head and right hand of Cicero were exposed on the Rostra, she took the head in her hands and spat on it. Then, setting it on her knees, opened the mouth and, with pins from her hair, pierced the tongue that had argued so eloquently against her husband.

After the death of Cicero the REPUBLICĀ  was NO MORE!

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