Dear folks….I think I just screwed up…I read about Gutenberg Editor with its nice pictures and thought they would somehow get automatically put next to my blogs, I’ll figure it out soon?

To MetroPCS  maybe I need a picture of a phone gone bad or will help?  Comments for bad phone service can help!

According to FTC website • If the seller does not intend to sell you the “bait,” and does any of the following in the course of selling other merchandise, then it’s probably the “bait and switch”

I believe I have owned my MetroPCS phone for several years. During the last 6 months the service has gotten worse and worse.  My calls are repeatedly broken up and or dropped.  This has caused me irreparable harm. While this may not be the original idea of the 1914 FTC’s idea of bait and switch, why deprive any Person or Citizen of good service and make me buy a new phone service? According to news reports I believe it appears that MetroPCS may have sold, traded, and or given my information to Google, and or government agencies without clear authorizations notice and or consent from its clients.  I believe such misuse of private information is a violation of due process and or 1st thru 8th Amendments.

Please help me get back good service and help get back some of what I lost… It should be noted that I just spoke with Jog/green-acres Library director David B. Scott on 10/11/2018 about the reason for new effects and cost of the supposed renovation of the main-West Palm  library and or to its “Library Patrons”.   I also spoke to Mr. Scott about the new treaty to Canada and how that affects Mr. Scott’s Canadian Citizenship and “work status.”Isn’t it sad that in Palm Beach County we have over paid Canadian Citizens running Our library and teaching USA children go to Canada and smoke pot,etc?  Why doesn’t Palm Beach County care about OUR Citizens jobs?   Instead they believe in  closing down the main library so they keep high paid lazy greedy Canadians employed?   Why try to hurt or cheat our kids and People?

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