Are you 25-40 lady who wants a baby? Could a 60 year old stud male help?

Education of incidents

1.In 1988 I was arrested  by an evil perverted cop coming out of my own shower in my own apt in Boca Raton

2. For the next 30 years. I was falsely arrested, beat up, kicked, hit pepper sprayed, tasered, and wrongly jailed     3 On June 20.2008 Mulligan filed (Political Citizen slave requests Political Asylum due to torture)

4. On 9/16/2018 I met with Rev. Trevor Johnston, who stated I should e-mail BUT NOT FILE IN COURT

5.In 399BC Socrates speaks to jury at his trial: ‘If you offered to let me off this time on condition I am not any longer to speak my mind… I should say to you, “Men of Athens, I shall obey the Gods rather than you.”‘

6. In 633 Galileo Galilei hauled before the Inquisition after claiming the sun does not revolve around the Earth

  1. So if you want to do comedy or need a baby or just sex with an old fart give me a call…DO YOU NEED COMEDY AT YOUR CLUB OR CHURCH?  DAN 561-838-3559
  2. Has any one seen a poll how many boys got “abused and or raped” by other men and or women during the past 40 years
  3. Sadly, its was very common….Now was it in a Chevy, Ford or….Where did Bill Clinton pick as he had no house or home?

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