Do Irish still care?

In the 1600 the greedy Brits made slaves out of the Irish….Ireland lost their language, kids and women.  In 1800’s my great great grandfather came as a slave to USA…Oh they were called indentured servants by the slime slave lord Brits…. But I digress I just got this comment that my writing sucks or I need help from…. What do you think I should tell Rudi?

Hi guys, it’s Rudi here!
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In my line of work, I have become familiar with hearing, “Rudi Davie, can you help me meet my writing assignment deadline?” I know that I can provide this service.

Need to keep warm and start a fire….Sorry, but I got confused..

Sorry folks, I was looking how to start a fire on a cold rainy day when I came across an article…I thought OKay, First get a good bunch of wood in the morning….But it went on…I realized maybe they were talking about another use of fire wood or something… see below:

Morning wood, or as it’s formally known, nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT), is a common occurrence for many boys and men. From time to time, men may wake up with an erect penis.  Many people assume a morning erection is a sign of sexual stimulation, however this isn’t always the case. Morning wood is likely the response your body has to one of several natural occurrences.  Sorry can be used for firewood

Dear folks….I think I just screwed up…I read about Gutenberg Editor with its nice pictures and thought they would somehow get automatically put next to my blogs, I’ll figure it out soon?

To MetroPCS  maybe I need a picture of a phone gone bad or will help?  Comments for bad phone service can help!

According to FTC website • If the seller does not intend to sell you the “bait,” and does any of the following in the course of selling other merchandise, then it’s probably the “bait and switch”

I believe I have owned my MetroPCS phone for several years. During the last 6 months the service has gotten worse and worse.  My calls are repeatedly broken up and or dropped.  This has caused me irreparable harm. While this may not be the original idea of the 1914 FTC’s idea of bait and switch, why deprive any Person or Citizen of good service and make me buy a new phone service? According to news reports I believe it appears that MetroPCS may have sold, traded, and or given my information to Google, and or government agencies without clear authorizations notice and or consent from its clients.  I believe such misuse of private information is a violation of due process and or 1st thru 8th Amendments.

Please help me get back good service and help get back some of what I lost… It should be noted that I just spoke with Jog/green-acres Library director David B. Scott on 10/11/2018 about the reason for new effects and cost of the supposed renovation of the main-West Palm  library and or to its “Library Patrons”.   I also spoke to Mr. Scott about the new treaty to Canada and how that affects Mr. Scott’s Canadian Citizenship and “work status.”Isn’t it sad that in Palm Beach County we have over paid Canadian Citizens running Our library and teaching USA children go to Canada and smoke pot,etc?  Why doesn’t Palm Beach County care about OUR Citizens jobs?   Instead they believe in  closing down the main library so they keep high paid lazy greedy Canadians employed?   Why try to hurt or cheat our kids and People?

Does you phone drop calls or give messages a day late?

The following is what I tried to tell MetroPCS at their main office on 10/11/2018…BUT

 PHONE AND FTC questions:

 1) “Can the average Person be protected to receive “Standard medical care” and  due process in  Palm Beach County Florida courts and medical facilities if internet and or  phone access is limited ?

 2) Can a poor  Citizen  be treated fairly and equally by Florida’s court agents, insurance, medical agents, doctors, dentists, nurses pursuant to Article IV Section 2 if Google and or his internet phone service sells BOTS and or steals his private data?

 3) If the  authors of the Johns Hopkins study, led by Dr. Martin Makary  is accurate does the CDC  and or FTC cares about Citizens’ Whistle blowing and or addictions to internet and or abusive social media? “A recent Johns Hopkins study claims more than 250,000 people in the U.S. die every year from medical errors. Other reports claim the numbers to be as high as 440,000.”

4)PS….. I just purchased a new domain called…I may but up a website on it …give me a call or I forgot my phone is still BAD…..

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The editor will endeavor to create a new page and post building experience that makes writing rich posts effortless, and has “blocks” to make it easy what today might take shortcodes, custom HTML, or “mystery meat” embed discovery.

Matt Mullenweg, 2017

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Maybe I should read more comments? What is the best captcha? Sorry I can’t spell?

Here are two logical comments, Sorry but I have few answers… what do you think?

Why users still make use of to read news papers when in this technological globe the whole thing is presented on net?

Hi! I know this is somewhat off topic but I was wondering if you knew where

I could find a captcha plugin for my comment form?

I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having problems finding one?

Thanks a lot!

What’s going on with phones at metroPCS?

FTC questions: 1) “Can the average man be protected to receive “Standard medical care” and  due process in  Palm Beach County Florida courts and medical facilities if internet and or  phone access is limited ? 

2) Can a poor  Citizen   be treated fairly and equally by Florida’s court agents, insurance, medical agents, doctors, dentists, nurses pursuant to Article IV Section 2 if Google and or his internet phone service sells his private data?

  3) If the  authors of the Johns Hopkins study, led by Dr. Martin Makary  is accurate, does the CDC  and or FTC cares about Citizens’ Whistle blowing and or addictions to phone/ internet and or abusive social media? “A recent Johns Hopkins study claims more than 250,000 people in the U.S. die every year from medical errors. Other reports claim the numbers to be as high as 440,000.”Thus, thousands of deaths are caused by faulty phone/internet and or incomplete data on prescriptions?

What happen if date… or marry someone with different personalities?

While Schizophrenia is less common than bipolar disorder.  It is usually first diagnosed in a person’s late teens or early to late 20’s. While some say more men than women receive a diagnosis of schizophrenia, which is characterized by having both hallucinations and delusions, is that true? Or if men date such women; who knows? Hallucinations are seeing or hearing things that aren’t there. Delusions are the belief in something that isn’t true.

But if a person has two or more personalities, people or devils within…How does the simple man deal with the “other person.”  Or if you don’t know how drugs affect the different personalities; how do you know if the doctors are doing you good?  But what happen when an other child like personality comes out during sex?  Are you then guilty of rape?  What happens in mental hospitals?

By helping “women with sex” are Senators endangering them?

 Why put (someone or something) at risk or in danger? synonyms: imperil, jeopardize, risk, put at risk, put in danger, expose to danger…But how did Ford’s Lawyers put women at risk? Consider the following:

Following the kidnapping and murder of Charles Lindbergh, Jr. on March 1, 1932, Congress adopted the Federal Kidnapping Act (aka Lindbergh Law), a law which allowed the feds step in once kidnappers had crossed state lines with their victim.  California and a few other states implemented their own versions of the law which applied in cases of kidnapping when victims were not transported across state lines; calling the law Little Lindbergh. California’s Little Lindbergh statute made kidnapping with bodily harm a crime eligible for the death penalty.

In 1951 when the Green Scarf Bandit was busted the Red Light Bandit (Caryl Chessman) was already on California’s death row for kidnapping — he had been convicted under the Little Lindbergh law. Knowing that another bandit was sitting on death  provided the motivation for Rudolph to plead guilty to three felony charges: armed robbery, kidnapping for purpose of robbery and false imprisonment. With his plea Rudolph was able to evade the death penalty. For his misdeeds James Monroe Rudolph was sentenced to a term of from five years to life. After 12 years in prison Caryl Chessman was last man to  executed in California who didn’t hurt the women except for “Bill Clinton-like kidnapping and or oral sex.” So do you think Bill Clinton is any different that Chessman? 

What more important to Flood victims?

How painful was it for you to watch that Senate hearing? While watching Dr. Ford I could see the blank look in her face when she spoke and the child like innocence I saw in my ex-wife. Like Dr. Ford my College grad-ex wife had the same believably and child like appearance and probable similar paranoia.  Sure, my ex-wife could be a  smart, caring, beautiful person, but when she started saying she would cut of my penis for not have sex with her, that was the end. But why did the evil state of Florida “tell her to have a baby while on her medicine?”  Now after being divorced for years I realize how the evil, lying corrupt Florida and senators used Dr. Ford.  Aren’t they the most evil feces slime scum lawyers around?  Why didn’t anybody call the husband of Dr. Ford and ask him how difficult it is to deal with his wife’s  Paranoid schizophrenia?  Or how about her sons…YET,  did those  baby killing lawyer slime even care about Dr. Ford’s kids?  Wouldn’t it be nice to let those evil, lying senators meet and greet the boys at Gitmo to explain their baby killing skills? Maybe the Gitmo boys need some fun ?  Maybe a weeks vacation for the Senators at Pelican Bay State Prison. It is the only supermax state prison in California. The 275 acre prison is located in Del Norte County, California…Maybe former FBI Comey can help them in FOR THEIR SCHOOLING!?


Paranoid schizophrenia