Does forgetful ladies as Hillary or Ms Ford like to kill or just hate Trump? Or did Fulvia’s hate cause evil?

Sometimes the past repeats….Consider the evil of Rome…from Wikipedia

In despair over the state of affairs, Cicero set out for Greece on July 14, four months after Caesar’s assassination, but, criticized by his friend Atticus, abandoned his journey and returned to Rome on August 31. A meeting of the Senate was called by Antony for the next day to propose a new honor to the slain dictator. Pleading exhaustion, Cicero did not attend and was assailed for his absence. When Cicero did appear the day after (in Antony’s absence), he delivered the first of what would be fourteen Philippics. Named after the speeches given by Demosthenes against Philip II of Macedonia, they argued against tyranny and for the restoration of the Republic.

That did not happen. Cicero was killed in 43 BC as part of the proscription. Brutus and Cassius were defeated the next year at Philippi and committed suicide, as did Antony and Cleopatra after their defeat at Actium. Rome would be ruled by an emperor.

Fulvia, Antony’s wife, who had been married to Clodius, Cicero’s implacable enemy, vented her hatred on the dead orator as well. Cassius Dio (XLVII.8.4) writes that, before the head and right hand of Cicero were exposed on the Rostra, she took the head in her hands and spat on it. Then, setting it on her knees, opened the mouth and, with pins from her hair, pierced the tongue that had argued so eloquently against her husband.

After the death of Cicero the REPUBLIC  was NO MORE!

What do Stormy Daniels, Attorney Michael Avenatti and Daniel Mulligan have in common?

Work Experience and trying to survive in Lake Worth. Fl 33460

….Became a SLAVE by the City of Lake Worth;s code, greedy  and utility dept.

  1. I was falsely arrested repeatedly so the corrupt, evil, GREEDY city of Lake Worth could STEAL my home.
  2. As a slave I was denied utilities until I paid the corrupt City of lake Worth slave lord taxes of $2.6 Million…
  3. Since I was unable to pay the code taxes Lake Worth and  a voter fraud slave lord lawyer , Cary Sabol  used mail fraud so  corrupt Palm Beach County Court to evict  D. Mulligan  WITHOUT DUE PROCESS

Volunteer Work

1.Worked for 3 years on the AM RADIO STATION AND THEN ON INTERNET TV.




Are you 25-40 lady who wants a baby? Could a 60 year old stud male help?

Education of incidents

1.In 1988 I was arrested  by an evil perverted cop coming out of my own shower in my own apt in Boca Raton

2. For the next 30 years. I was falsely arrested, beat up, kicked, hit pepper sprayed, tasered, and wrongly jailed     3 On June 20.2008 Mulligan filed (Political Citizen slave requests Political Asylum due to torture)

4. On 9/16/2018 I met with Rev. Trevor Johnston, who stated I should e-mail BUT NOT FILE IN COURT

5.In 399BC Socrates speaks to jury at his trial: ‘If you offered to let me off this time on condition I am not any longer to speak my mind… I should say to you, “Men of Athens, I shall obey the Gods rather than you.”‘

6. In 633 Galileo Galilei hauled before the Inquisition after claiming the sun does not revolve around the Earth

  1. So if you want to do comedy or need a baby or just sex with an old fart give me a call…DO YOU NEED COMEDY AT YOUR CLUB OR CHURCH?  DAN 561-838-3559
  2. Has any one seen a poll how many boys got “abused and or raped” by other men and or women during the past 40 years
  3. Sadly, its was very common….Now was it in a Chevy, Ford or….Where did Bill Clinton pick as he had no house or home?

How to help flood victims? Or got a better idea?

Franklin Graham  at Samaritan’s Purse  9/20/2018

PO Box 3000   Boone, NC 28607  phone  828.262.1980

published on 9/20/2018

Dear Franklin Graham 

I spoke to Carol  at 828-262- 1980  about helping those who got flooded who are in need by forwarding domains.   I understand you are a charity according to your web site “Samaritan’s Purse is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity. All contributions designated for specific projects shall be applied to those projects..”  I am currently forwarding about 80 domains to the   I hope to forward to your website about the same amount of domains in the following days.   I just forwarded the following:



I know you are  busy.  So I won’t waste your time over my future donations, but I hope the forward domains help.   

Sorry you Dad died as he used to tell some interesting stories about sin….I guess most preachers today just call it addictions.  I hope your work doesn’t support the scams going on in the recovery business like CR or Celebrate Recovery but some say they help but I believe cold turkey is best…   AA was okay but now with all the corruption in churches, who needs a Pastor or Pope who is greedy and doesn’t care about the victims of evil ones in the church?


Daniel Mulligan

Who got rid of bodies during 2017…Porto Rico 1928 Florida hurricane?

Before we had “dildo media,” people had to count….But sometimes that hard with wild pigs, gator, etc….but especially the smell after a few days….Even though Florida was Dry in 1928…It seems they had to “pay” workers and or inmates with strong drinks… to find and bury or burn the bodies etc…. Yes, it was terrible and the smell…with the heat and decay… consider from Wikipedia

“The 1928 Okeechobee hurricane caused at least 2,500 deaths, most of which were migrant, black farmer workers around Lake Okeechobee. Due to racial segregation at the time, the coffins provided were used for the white victims, most of whom received a proper burial at Woodlawn Cemetery in West Palm Beach. (Other reports specify that after 3 days or so the bodies smelled so bad and were in decay, eaten by animals, etc that it was impossible to determine what  sex  or race the bodies and parts were..) The bodies of the black people who were killed, and some of those whose race could not be identified, were disposed of by other means. Some were burned in funeral pyres, while many were placed into mass graves,[4] including about 1,600 in Port Mayaca, 674 at the pauper’s cemetery in West Palm Beach, at least 22 in Miami Locks (now known as Lake Harbor), 28 in Ortona, and 22 in Sebring.”

THAT SMELL…2008 Casey Anthony or 1928 Or….the smell of ….

Sure some songs can make you think…but how bad was the smell in Puerto Rico in 2017 with nearly 3000 dead?  Or was it as bad in Florida….but first consider part of a song or listen to it…Or consider the smell by the 1928 Hurricane note Wikipedia below the song

Lynyrd Skynyrd – That Smell – YouTube

Whiskey bottles, and brand new cars
Oak tree you’re in my way
There’s too much coke and too much smoke
Look what’s going on inside you

Ooooh that smell
Can’t you smell that smell
Ooooh that smell
The smell of death surrounds you

Angel of darkness is upon you
Stuck a needle in your arm
So take another toke, have a blow for your nose
And one more drink fool, will drown you

Ooooh that smell
Can’t you smell that smell…….

Go on stick those needles in your arm
You’re just a fool, just a fool, just a fool

Songwriters: Allen Collins / Ronnie Van Zant

That Smell lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

Some 90 years ago…..

Still moving westward, the system reached Category 4 intensity before striking Guadeloupe on September 12, where it brought great destruction and 1,200 deaths. The islands of Martinique, Montserrat, and Nevis also reported damage and fatalities, but not nearly as severe as in Guadeloupe.

Around midday on September 13, the storm strengthened into a Category 5 hurricane and peaked with sustained winds of 160 mph . Six hours later, the system made landfall in Puerto Rico; killing over 1000… it remains the only recorded Category 5 to strike the island as of 2018. Very strong winds resulted in severe damage in Puerto Rico; 24,728 homes were destroyed and 192,444 were damaged throughout the island, leaving over 500,000 people homeless.  So did all “media” have to smell the 2900 death, rotting bodies in 2017,,,Or can some Citizens noses even smell the rotting baby Caylee Anderson in the trunk of a car after a month?

Do Hillary “plants” say Jim Jones and Waco are equal?

Jim Jones and his lawyers were responsible for a mass suicide and mass murder in JonestownGuyana. He believed he was a homosexual and sometimes even believed he was “was” Jesus Christ.. Like many current churches with an overarching belief in socialism and Communism they also SAY they believe the correct social order.  

 Jones was ordained as a Disciples of Christ pastor, and he achieved notoriety as the founder and leader of the Peoples Temple cult.  Jones’s first church in Indianapolis, Indiana started his ideas > so   in 1951, Jones began attending gatherings of the Communist Party USA in Indianapolis.   He became flustered with harassment during the McCarthy Hearings, particularly regarding an event he attended with his mother focusing on Paul Robeson, after which she was harassed by the FBI in front of her co-workers for attending.

Sadly, this week our pastor compared Jim Jones to the Branch Davidians…Yet as the following comes from Wikipedia  you be the judge if our pastor just covering for the Clintons or WHAT?….

“A six-month investigation of child abuse allegations by the Texas Child Protection Services in 1992 failed to turn up any evidence, possibly because the Branch Davidians concealed the spiritual marriage of Koresh to Michelle Jones, assigning a surrogate husband (David Thibodeau) to the girl for the sake of appearances.[17]

Regarding the allegations of child abuse, the evidence is less sure. In one widely reported incident, ex-members claimed that Koresh became irritated with the cries of his son Cyrus and spanked the child severely for several minutes on three consecutive visits to the child’s bedroom. In a second report, a man involved in a custody battle visited Mount Carmel Center and claimed to have seen the beating of a young boy with a stick….”  Yet, there was no proof….. Still some speculate that the Clintons Mob wanted to put up a smoke screen…to cover-up…What do you think?

Finally, the FBI’s justification for forcing an end to the 51-day standoff was predicated on the charge that Koresh was abusing children inside Mount Carmel Center. In hours following the deadly conflagration, Attorney General Janet Reno told reporters that “We had specific information that babies were being beaten.”[19] But FBI Director William Sessions publicly denied the charge and told reporters that they had no such information about child abuse inside Mount Carmel Center. [20] A careful examination of the other child abuse charges found the evidence to be weak and ambiguous, casting doubt on the allegations

Does Lady Bot or Pimp1 say? “What the diff…bots or maggots?”

 What is a bot? Is it a gross parasite like a politician or lawyer or what?

plural noun: bots  Are they the larva of the botfly? Does the bot  become an internal parasite of animals?  Does it lives  in the stomach,  passing through the host’s dung and pupating on the ground?  How GROSS      or is it NOW

What is an Internet Bot? – Definition from Techopedia?

“, a bot is an automated application used to perform simple and repetitive tasks that would be time-consuming, mundane or impossible for a human to perform. Bots can be used for productive tasks, but they are also frequently used for malicious purposes. The term “bot” comes from robot.”

Feedback from readers tell me that somehow Google and other “bot boys” are screwing me out of my customer by putting HUMORMATTERS.COM  when my clients stated plainly HUMORMATTER.COM….  Sadly, when I tried 4 phones at Metro…all of their phones  “‘voice  activated screwed me and by adding the S….The question I have THEREFORE is Google a bot or a greedy maggot company?  Or as Pimp 1 stated  after 911″after all this time WHAT THE HELL Difference  DOES IT MAKE?”    Really, Hillary, After all this time I don’t know if you and Bill are maggots or just  bots, so I guess I have to agree!

If talking is an evolution, why do women talk more than men?

According to “Professor David Lazer at Northeastern University, collected data using electronic devices on interactions in two different settings — students collaborating on a project, and employees socializing during their lunch breaks. In the first setting, women talked significantly more than men, except in groups of seven or more people when men talked more. In the second setting, there was little difference in talkativeness between genders; differences emerged only for large groups, and here women talked more than men…..” But who did that snake speak to in the Garden?

But in watching a Senate Committee, it really hard to understand the difference between birds of feather and Congress….The both chirp a bunch and seem to fly from one subject to another…but all end up in the NEST or Roe vs Wade or whatever division Tree they fly to?  Or what does the following mean?

New American Standard Bible

When you enter the land and plant all kinds of trees for food, then you shall count their fruit as forbidden. Three years it shall be forbidden to you; it shall not be eaten.

King James Bible

And when ye shall come into the land, and shall have planted all manner of trees for food, then ye shall count the fruit thereof as uncircumcised: three years shall it be as uncircumcised unto you: it shall not be eaten of.

How did Penguin “evolve” or did they?

According to  Wikipedia “The evolutionary history of penguins is well-researched and represents a showcase of evolutionary bio geography; though as penguin bones of any one species vary much in size and few good specimens are known, the alpha taxonomy of many prehistoric forms still leaves much to be desired. Some seminal articles about penguin prehistory have been published since 2005;[15][20][23][24] the evolution of the living genera can be considered resolved by now…..Really?  So how did a bird learn how to swim?

Should a small penguins swim  dive at 6 to 12 km ?  How is that possible? While most of us probably swim at 2-3 MPH… but didn’t  a spurt stud or..that Mike Phelps’ fastest swimming speed could be six mph?  This number comes from a 2010 ESPN blog post on the subject of athlete speed. The ESPN post cites a 2008 blog post …but who cares…. The National Aquarium post says top-swimming athletes can average 5.25 mph, with the authors rounding up to six mph for Phelps.    But what about that funny looking bird?   There are reports of some penguins going at  velocities of 27 km/h (17 mph) …. The small penguins do not usually dive deep…   Larger penguins can dive deep  and fast. Dives of the large emperor penguin have been recorded reaching a depth of 565 m (1,854 ft) for up to 22 minutes.  But do suppose I will evolve in swimming that fast?  The really amazing speed of the Male emperor Penguin is not in water, but in walking around, without FOOD for almost 4 months, caring an egg on  THEIR FOOT!  TRY THAT DIET!  They say that TIME cures the broken heart…But what love Penguin must have?