Why kill old farts in Florida?

Federal statistics indicate 722 bicyclist deaths occurred in 2012, up 6 percent from 2011 and 16 percent from 2010.  On a per capita basis, Florida recorded an annual average of about 5.7 cyclist deaths per million residents, by far the most of any state. The national bicyclist death rate for 2012 was approximately 2.3 deaths per 1 million.  Surely, Florida needs better driving habits and education.  Guess what?  Bikes are most dangerous for men 50-55… better known as kid old farts on bikes…..

Soon I’ll be doing a podcast…I may need a good lawyer…if you know one please give me a call.

IN THE 15th JUDICIAL  Court   2008TR218237AXX, ETC.

STATE OF FLORIDA          Plaintiff(s)    vs.

Daniel Mulligan,  Accused filed 11/16/2018

Affidavit  for Assistance of Counsel to cross  and counter claim Sen. Nelson, Governor Scott’s cases with Supervisor of Elections to comply with 24th Amendment

24th Amendment:”The right of citizens of the United States to vote in any primary or other election for President or Vice President, for electors for President or Vice President, or for Senator or Representative in Congress, shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any State by reason of failure to pay poll tax or other tax.” However in past 30 or so years Florida’s agents/officers  evolved  Ponzi  taxes scams.   Surely, Citizens have been enslaved and or over taxed by greedy Ponzi slime like Bennie Madoff. Lou Pearlman, Scott W. Rothstein, Nevin Shapiro, Lee Farkas, etc.,  and their agents, lawyers and or insurance maggots.   But should any whistle blower as Citizen Daniel Mulligan be overtaxed and enslaved so that his health, happiness, vote, and life is in jeopardy?

Why on November 2, 2018 were People  wrongly held?  Why was a bus driver, a black lady, Ms. Jerry and  her passengers “restrained” an hour?  Should a non working turn signal turn light at 10 Ave North/ Military trail hold People hostage during voting time? Why from 12:46 until 1:43 EST did the sheriff refuse help?The  bus driver Ms. Jerry tried to calm down the People on Palm Tran bus #1016, I waited and called 911 three times starting at 12:58 ,1:08 and 1:18.   The Bus’s GPS also showed the bus didn’t move; so why did the sheriff department refused to HELP?   I saw many sheriff cars go by during our “hour kidnapping ordeal”.  Finally at about 1:43 a sheriff car with lights  pulled in front of the bus spoke on the loud speakers to allow bus make a left turn. Finally in 30 seconds time we were free!  But why tax or kidnap the Victims and  Dan for 1 hour?  Did this tax/ time loss punishment equal election fraud?  Why has Mulligan been repeatedly  deprived rights of  a United States Citizen by being over taxed, kidnapped and or jailed for 30 years?

On 11/14/2016 I called Secretary of State at 850-245-6500, and requested case# for Governor Scott’s Case against Supervisor of Elections, etc. in PBC,FL   I was told to call PBC Court.  On 11/15/2018 I called 561-355-2996 spoke to Pauline and Ms Liana  who gave  4 Case #’s  18CA 14075, 18CA14084, 18CA14143, 18CA14144 .

This AFFIDAVIT   and NOTICE is true and correct to the best of Daniel W. Mulligan’s ability; is copy written all rights reserved.  Since  Mulligan’s driver’s license has continued be denied he been denied to vote except by provisional ballots which are seldom even counted.  D. Mulligan’s homestead 331 S. Federal Highway Lake Worth Florida  or General Delivery Greenacres, FL  Jog Road Post Office Branch 33467.  Phone for now 561-838-3559  

Was President Adams a bigot? Or is the Pope..Poop?

“This society [Jesuits] has been a greater calamity to mankind than the French Revolution, or Napoleon’s despotism or ideology. It has obstructed the progress of reformation and the improvement of the human mind in society much longer and more fatally.

{Letter to Thomas Jefferson, November 4, 1816. Adams wrote an anonymous 4 volume work on the destructive history of the Jesuits}”

Whereas Palm Beach and Broward counties protect the lawyers and the party,USSR mostly protected the Party…but as Hillary stated “What difference does it make”?

From Stalin’s 1936 constitution

ARTICLE 140. Voting at elections of deputies is secret.

ARTICLE 141. Candidates for election are nominated according to electoral areas. The right to nominate candidates is secured to public organizations and societies of the working people: Communist Party organizations, trade unions, cooperatives, youth organizations and cultural societies.

Comrade Bill and Hillary’s voting “voting plan?


Hammer & Sickle


ARTICLE 134. Members of all Soviets of Working People’s Deputies–of the Supreme Soviet of the U.S.S.R., the Supreme Soviets of the Union Republics, the Soviets of Working People’s Deputies of the Territories and Regions, the Supreme Soviets of the Autonomous Republics, and Soviets of Working People’s Deputies of Autonomous Regions, area, district, city and rural (station, village, hamlet, kishlak, aul) Soviets of Working People’s Deputies–are chosen by the electors on the basis of universal, direct and equal suffrage by secret ballot.

ARTICLE 135. Elections of deputies are universal: all citizens of the U.S.S.R. who have reached the age of eighteen, irrespective of race or nationality, religion, educational and residential qualifications, social origin, property status or past activities, have the right to vote in the election of deputies and to be elected, with the exception of insane persons and persons who have been convicted by a court of law and whose sentences include deprivation of electoral rights.

ARTICLE 136. Elections of deputies are equal: each citizen has one vote; all citizens participate in elections on an equal footing.

ARTICLE 137. Women have the right to elect and be elected on equal terms with men.

ARTICLE 138. Citizens serving in the Red Army have the right to elect and be elected on equal terms with all other citizens.

ARTICLE 139. Elections of deputies are direct: all Soviets of Working People’s Deputies, from rural and city Soviets of Working People’s Deputies to the Supreme Soviet of the U.S.S.R., inclusive, are elected by the citizens by direct vote.

ARTICLE 140. Voting at elections of deputies is secret.

ARTICLE 141. Candidates for election are nominated according to electoral areas. The right to nominate candidates is secured to public organizations and societies of the working people: Communist Party organizations, trade unions, cooperatives, youth organizations and cultural societies.

ARTICLE 142. It is the duty of every deputy to report to his electors on his work and on the work of the Soviet of Working People’s Deputies, and he is liable to be recalled at any time in the manner established by law upon decision of a majority of the electors.

Voting in corrupt Florida? Was Stalin’s 1936 constitution better?

1936 Constitution of the USSR


Adopted December 1936

ARTICLE 1. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is a socialist state of workers and peasants.

ARTICLE 2. The Soviets of Working People’s Deputies, which grew and attained strength as a result of the overthrow of the landlords and capitalists and the achievement of the dictatorship of the proletariat, constitute the political foundation of the U.S.S.R.

ARTICLE 3. In the U.S.S.R. all power belongs to the working people of town and country as represented by the Soviets of Working People’s Deputies.

ARTICLE 4. The socialist system of economy and the socialist ownership of the means and instruments of production firmly established as a result of the abolition of the capitalist system of economy, the abrogation of private ownership of the means and instruments of production and the abolition of the exploitation of man by man, constitute’ the economic foundation of the U.S.S.R.

ARTICLE 5. Socialist property in the U.S.S.R. exists either in the form of state property (the possession of the whole people), or in the form of cooperative and collective-farm property (property of a collective farm or property of a cooperative association).

ARTICLE 6. The land, its natural deposits, waters, forests, mills, factories, mines, rail, water and air transport, banks, post, telegraph and telephones, large state-organized agricultural enterprises (state farms, machine and tractor stations and the like) as well as municipal enterprises and the bulk of the dwelling houses in the cities and industrial localities, are state property, that is, belong to the whole people.

ARTICLE 7. Public enterprises in collective farms and cooperative organizations, with their livestock and implements, the products of the collective farms and cooperative organizations, as well as their common buildings, constitute the common socialist property of the collective farms and cooperative organizations. In addition to its basic income from the public collective-farm enterprise, every household in a collective farm has for its personal use a small plot of land attached to the dwelling and, as its personal property, a subsidiary establishment on the plot, a dwelling house, livestock, poultry and minor agricultural implements in accordance with the statutes of the agricultural artel.

ARTICLE 8. The land occupied by collective farms is secured to them for their use free of charge and for an unlimited time, that is, in perpetuity.

ARTICLE 9. Alongside the socialist system of economy, which is the predominant form of economy in the U.S.S.R., the law permits the small private economy of individual peasants and handicraftsman based on their personal labor and precluding the exploitation of the labor of others.

ARTICLE 10. The right of citizens to personal ownership of their incomes from work and of their savings, of their dwelling houses and subsidiary household economy, their household furniture and utensils and articles of personal use and convenience, as well as the right of inheritance of personal property of citizens, is protected by law.

ARTICLE 11. The economic life of the U.S.S.R. is determined and directed by the state national economic plan with the aim of increasing the public wealth, of steadily improving the material conditions of the working people and raising their cultural level, of consolidating the independence of the U.S.S.R. and strengthening its defensive capacity.

ARTICLE 12. In the U.S.S.R. work is a duty and a matter of honor for every able-bodied citizen, in accordance with the principle: “He who does not work, neither shall he eat.”The principle applied in the U.S.S.R. is that of socialism: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his work.”

Florida stole my vote

Worse for about 30 years the evil, lying greedy State of Florida and its evil greedy lawyers have stolen thousands of Male Votes.  Here how the lawyers scam works.  Greedy lawyers will arrest a male so the pervert lawyers can have more sex and money.  But this is not a new way for slavery.  If you try to fight the evil other lawyer get rich and you get screwed!

King James Bible
And Pharaoh charged all his people, saying, Every son that is born ye shall cast into the river, and every daughter ye shall save alive.

When Florida lawyers send 93 males to prison for every 7 females, aren’t they just as bad as that Pharaoh some 3000 or 4 thousand years ago?

STOP stealing the votes!

Why does Very little changes in the corrupt, evil-voter fraud State of Florida?   From  the Sun Sentinel or review on

STEALINGVOTES.COM see article Nov. 18, 2008

“Circuit Judge Richard Wennet on Monday announced he will appeal the outcome of the Palm Beach County primary and ask for a special election to redo the race.   For three months, attorneys for Wennet and the man who unseated him, attorney William Abramson, have battled in court over a messy judicial election that involved misplaced ballots, multiple recounts and questionable counting machines.” BY Brian Haas can be reached at bhaas@SunSentinel.com or 561-243-6633

I’m sorry….

In  1960 Brenda Lee recorded  I’m sorry but her label, Decca Records, held it from release for several months out of concern that a 15-year-old girl was not mature enough to sing about love.  However, it became a smash #1 hit. It’s words… I’m sorry, so sorry That I was such a fool  I didn’t know  Love could be so cruel ..-oh-yes  You tell me mistakes   Are part of being young  But that don’t right  The wrong that’s been done.

Dear President Donald J. Trump and Mr. Sorebut:    In reading the various News/ Media’s and or video programs it appears that  I,  Daniel Mulligan  was caught I deeply regret I wrote  “that asshole Trump” on one of my resent blogs.  I apologize to you beautiful wife and children for my stupidity, error and mistake.  I also apologize to this great Nation and the office of the Presidency. If you can please consider my humble regrets and apology…I do apologize and I will also intend to send a formal apology to the White House.  Secondly, I do apologize to George Sorebut.   However, at this time I could find no Billionaire named Sorebut, so I purchased that Domain on 10/27/2018 to help say I’m sorry”  P.s was written previously still being sent; stay tuned in to any reply.

Need Bill Clinton’s pastor to tell you are……ok?

Wasn’t there some perverts at Pen State?  I wonder if Tony was his pastor?  I guess there are liberal pastors out there coming out of the closet like Tony? See below?  BUT Who was that pervert that hurt a 10 boy in a shower?  I think it started with an S like shit, like Jerry S?

Dr. Tony Campolo is professor emeritus of Sociology at Eastern University in St. Davids, Pennsylvania. He previously served for ten years on the faculty of the University of Pennsylvania. He is a graduate of Eastern University and earned a Ph.D. from Temple University.

Founder of the Evangelical Association for the Promotion of Education (EAPE), Dr. Campolo has provided the leadership to create, nurture and support programs for “at-risk” children in cities across the United States and Canada, and has helped establish schools and universities in several developing countries.

“Dr. Campolo is a media commentator on religious, social and political matters, having guested on television programs like Nightline, Crossfire, Politically Incorrect, The Charlie Rose Show and CNN News.”